Online competition is increasing day after day and at the same time, hundreds of new websites are launched frequently. If you want your business to stay ahead, you have to invest in solid SEO and revamp your content promoting strategy. Best SEO Hamilton is the leading SEO Company you should rely on for best results. Let us review the latest SEO trends that you need to implement in your business website.

It is well known that websites should meet particular requirements fixed by top search engines such as Google. It is where the SEO strategy remains very important. You have to be aware of the latest SEO trends to update the website accordingly. This way, more customers and prospects can identify your business in the SERP.

Trend 1: Content concentrates on the E.A.T principle will be remunerated by Google!

After the BERT update launch, Google has been getting better in terms of understanding the association between words. It means contents that concentrate on the EAT strategy will rank higher. What is the EAT principle?

Expertise: An expert writer has to write quality content on the website.

Authority: The website should have a certain authority on the topic.

Trustworthiness: The website should have authoritative links referring to it from trustworthy sites.

Google will remove out of context search results. Therefore, it is essential to develop content that exactly the query of the users. We have shared some simple and useful ideas to create great content:

Value: If you are writing an article, it should contain valuable information. It can be instructions, comprehensive explanations, new development, or news. Each page of the website or blog should serve a particular purpose. It must assist the website visitors and readers.

Details: Another important strategy to keep in mind while creating content is the content should offer detailed information and be original. It should contain all the necessary steps to accomplish a task on its own. For instance, if the steps are fluff or partial, it will get a low ranking.

Well edited: Entire contents on the website should be free from spelling errors, misused words, typos, and also punctuation mistakes. If you are finding these errors in your website or blog contents, the authority of the website and contents gets hurt. Therefore, it is best to avoid all these issues. If possible, bring a proofreader or hire an editor for the content creation department.

Well written: The contents should be well articulated and engaging. The writer should have an exceptional knowledge about the topic as well as the language.

Schema markup: Include proper schema markup to the contents. It will be simple for all the top search engines to recognize your content.

Good user experience: An important key to exceptional content is offering a better user experience. When the visitor enters your website, they should not be assaulted with pop-ups or ads. The articles should not be spread for numerous pages, forcing the readers to continuously click NEXT.

In simple words, the EAT principle determines the authority or trust score of the site, expertise of the writer, and where it has been published.